Marc Effron Legacy Healing

A recipient of Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives, Marc Effron is known for his dedication, achievements, and leadership in the mental health industry. Marc Effron founded Legacy Healing Center with a singular goal in mind: to help as many families and communities as possible. Effron understands the grip addiction can have on a person and how addiction has a ripple effect that impacts family members and their community at large. Growing up, Effron not only experienced addiction himself, but saw it affect a number of friends and family members as well. Despite its widespread footprint, addiction can feel like an incredibly lonely place. Marc Effron of the Legacy Healing Center is here to tell everyone that they are not alone in their fight, and that they deserve support. This website will help detail the power of hope and the notion that everyone can change when they get the help they need.

Mr.  Effron is a firm believer that identifying the proper support system is the first step towards overcoming the numerous struggles that come with addiction. The Legacy Healing Center offers those battling addiction an environment that was constructed solely to meet their individual needs. The team of experts at Legacy Healing Center include people who have battled addiction in the past and now can share their experiences and explain how they came to achieve sobriety. Everyone has a different path towards this goal, but Effron believes the Legacy Healing Center message can resonate more powerfully from those who have gone through similar struggles with addiction and are living reminders that recovery is possible.

Effron believes that every person suffering from addiction must find their “why,” in order to fully recover. The “why” is the purpose that drives a person to overcome addiction because it simply means more to the person than anything their preferred substance can give them. This “why” is different for every person and can range from family to simply saving their own life. However, the answer is not always straightforward, and for many people, finding the reason for overcoming their addiction can be a long and challenging process. It is a deeply personal journey that deserves patience and respect. After becoming a father, Effron knew that if, God forbid, his children ever grew up to also battle addiction, they deserved to find treatment at a facility that saw them as individuals and recognized addiction for what it is, a disease. Families supporting a family member’s addiction journey deserve to know the treatment facility their loved one attends provides them the ideal recovery environment.

One thing that makes Legacy Healing Center different from some other therapy centers is the commitment to transforming lifestyles. In addition to the traditional individual and group therapy sessions, patients can start to form an appreciation for activities like yoga, weight training, acupuncture and more. A nutritionist and chef prepare meals that show residents that healthy food can be delicious when properly prepared. Nutritional therapy has been proven to help patients by providing them with the necessary nutrition and micronutrients that can help end depression and anxiety. Nutritional therapy has also been proven to stabilize mood and reduce stress and cravings for alcohol and a number of drugs.  Additionally, nutritional therapy helps to heal the damage to a body addiction has caused.  These activities are essential for recovering from addiction as they help enforce a complete change in lifestyle. By creating an all-encompassing healthy environment, patients can begin to see progress in all aspects of their life.

At both the PHP facility in Margate and the Legacy Healing Center’s Detox Program in Pompano, residents are encouraged to fully invest in the number of wellness activities and amenities the facilities have to offer. At the PHP facility in Margate, clients are able to work with the facility’s chiropractor and masseuse to help heal their bodies of the pain and aches addiction has given them. Both the PHP facility and Pompano’s Detox Program have juice bars available to patients. Many recovery facilities offer juice bars to their patients as juice reduces toxins and helps flood the body with vitamins and nutrients. The most important thing that Legacy Healing Center can give their patients is good habits. Legacy Healing Center believes that the road to recovery starts by replacing one bad decision with a good one and, over time, making good choices a habit.

Recovery is a deeply personal journey and there simply is no singular path to overcome addiction.  For this reason, each individual at Legacy Health Center receives their own specialized treatment plan.  Not every patient requires three months of program, this is why our patients can enter programs of different time durations as well. Finally, Mr. Effron understands that addiction can cause serious harm to a family and has created within the treatment facility a neutral zone where family members can visit with their loved one and start to repair some of the damage addiction has caused.

Whether you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, you are not alone, help is available. Be sure to come back to read our blog posts which will cover topics ranging from how to identify a person struggling with addiction to how to talk to them about getting them the help they need.